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Download AnyMusic 5 free standalone setup for Windows. AnyMusic 5 is a wonderful music application for playing and downloading videos from 1000+ sites including YouTube and converting to MP3 for different mobile devices.

AmoyShare AnyMusic 5 Overview

AmoyShare AnyMusic stands as a versatile and user-friendly music downloader and converter, designed to cater to the diverse needs of music enthusiasts. Developed by AmoyShare Technology Co., Ltd., this software offers a range of features for discovering, downloading, and converting music content from various sources. Its primary goal is to provide users with a seamless and efficient solution for enjoying their favorite music, both online and offline. A standout feature of AnyMusic is its ability to download music from multiple platforms. Users can explore and download music from popular platforms like YouTube, SoundCloud, and more, expanding their music library with ease. The software’s support for a wide range of platforms enhances its versatility, allowing users to access and collect music from diverse sources.

The user interface of AnyMusic is designed to be intuitive and accessible. Users, regardless of their technical expertise, can navigate the software effortlessly. The simplicity of the interface contributes to a positive user experience, making it easy to search for, preview, and download music content.


In addition to downloading music, AnyMusic serves as a music converter. Users can convert music files between various formats, ensuring compatibility with different devices and media players. This feature is particularly useful for those who want to enjoy their music collection on multiple devices without worrying about format compatibility issues. The software includes a built-in music player that allows users to preview and enjoy downloaded or converted music directly within the application. This player enhances the overall user experience by providing a convenient way to listen to music without the need for external media players.

AnyMusic also incorporates a smart search feature, enabling users to discover and find their favorite music quickly. The search functionality is designed to deliver accurate and relevant results, making it efficient for users to locate specific songs or artists.


The batch download feature in AnyMusic allows users to download multiple songs simultaneously, saving time and effort. This feature is particularly beneficial for users who want to build or update their music library efficiently. Furthermore, AnyMusic emphasizes the importance of providing a legal and ethical solution for downloading and enjoying music. It encourages users to respect copyright regulations and terms of service on various platforms, ensuring that the software promotes responsible and lawful music consumption.

In conclusion, AmoyShare AnyMusic stands out as a comprehensive music downloader and converter that prioritizes user experience, versatility, and ethical use. Its ability to download music from various platforms, intuitive interface, conversion features, and commitment to legality make it a valuable tool for music enthusiasts looking to enhance their music collection.


Some of the features of AmoyShare AnyMusic 5 are:

  • Multi-Platform Music Downloading: AmoyShare AnyMusic supports downloading music from various platforms, including YouTube, SoundCloud, and more, providing users with a diverse source of music content.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The software features an intuitive and accessible user interface, ensuring ease of navigation for users with varying technical expertise.
  • Music Conversion: AnyMusic serves as a music converter, allowing users to convert music files between different formats, enhancing compatibility with various devices and media players.
  • Built-in Music Player: AnyMusic includes a built-in music player that enables users to preview and enjoy downloaded or converted music directly within the application.
  • Smart Search Functionality: The smart search feature allows users to efficiently discover and find their favorite music by delivering accurate and relevant search results.
  • Batch Download: AnyMusic supports batch downloading, allowing users to download multiple songs simultaneously, saving time and effort in building or updating their music library.
  • Legal and Ethical Solution: AnyMusic emphasizes legality and ethical use, encouraging users to respect copyright regulations and terms of service on various platforms.
  • High-Quality Downloads: The software supports high-quality music downloads, ensuring that users can enjoy their favorite songs in optimal audio quality.
  • Offline Music Enjoyment: Users can download music for offline enjoyment, providing a convenient solution for listening to music without requiring an internet connection.
  • Playlist Management: AnyMusic includes features for managing playlists, allowing users to organize and customize their music collections according to their preferences.
  • Fast Download Speeds: The software offers fast download speeds, optimizing the downloading process and minimizing wait times for users.
  • Video to Audio Conversion: AnyMusic allows users to convert videos to audio formats, extracting the audio content from video files.
  • Automatic Metadata Retrieval: The software may automatically retrieve and organize metadata for downloaded music, including artist names, album information, and cover art.
  • One-Click Download: Users can initiate downloads with a single click, streamlining the download process for efficiency.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: AnyMusic is designed to be compatible with multiple operating systems, ensuring accessibility for users on different platforms.
  • Lyrics Display: The software may display lyrics for downloaded songs, enhancing the overall music listening experience.
  • Customizable Output Settings: Users can customize output settings when converting music, allowing for flexibility in choosing the desired audio format and quality.
  • Background Mode: AnyMusic may support a background mode, enabling users to continue using other features of the software while downloads are in progress.
  • Simple Installation: The installation process for AnyMusic is designed to be straightforward, making it easy for users to set up and start using the software.
  • Real-Time Preview: Users can preview music before downloading, ensuring that they are downloading the correct songs and versions.
  • Integrated Download Manager: The software may feature an integrated download manager, allowing users to monitor and manage their download queue effectively.
  • Automatic Updates: AnyMusic may include automatic update functionality, ensuring that users have access to the latest features and improvements.
  • Social Media Integration: Users can share music content directly from AnyMusic to social media platforms, facilitating easy sharing with friends and followers.
  • Dynamic Download Suggestions: AnyMusic may provide dynamic download suggestions based on user preferences, enhancing the music discovery experience.
  • Advanced Search Filters: The software may offer advanced search filters, allowing users to refine their search criteria for more precise results.
  • Download History: Users can view and manage their download history, providing a record of previously downloaded music.
  • Community and Support: AnyMusic may have a community forum or support channels, enabling users to connect, share experiences, and seek assistance if needed.
  • Playlist Export: The software may support the export of playlists, allowing users to transfer their curated music collections between devices.
  • Customizable Themes: Users may have the option to customize the software’s appearance with different themes, enhancing the visual experience.

System Requirements for AmoyShare AnyMusic 5

Before you download AmoyShare AnyMusic 5, make sure that your system meets the given requirements.

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 100 MB of minimum free HDD
  • Installed Memory: 1 GB of minimum RAM
  • Processor: Intel Dual-Core Processor

Download AmoyShare AnyMusic 5 Latest Version Free

Click on the link given below to download the standalone offline setup of AmoyShare AnyMusic 5 for Windows x86 and x64 architecture. It is a very powerful application for grabbing Youtube, SoundCloud, Facebook, and 1000 other sites content to MP3.

File Password: 123

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