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Download Ashampoo Audio Recorder full version program free setup for Windows. Ashampoo Audio Recorder Free is an easy-to-use and powerful audio recording tool for Windows computers.

Ashampoo Audio Recorder Overview

Ashampoo Audio Recorder stands out as a versatile and efficient piece of Windows software designed for seamless audio recording. This comprehensive recorder offers a plethora of features, making it an ideal tool for users looking to capture and edit audio content with ease.

A fundamental feature of Ashampoo Audio Recorder is its User-Friendly Interface, providing an intuitive design that simplifies the audio recording process. The clean layout and straightforward controls ensure that users, whether novices or experienced audio enthusiasts, can navigate through the software effortlessly.

The software’s High-Quality Audio Recording Capability is particularly noteworthy. It enables users to capture audio in pristine quality, making it suitable for various purposes such as podcasting, voiceovers, or music recording. The emphasis on high-quality recording ensures that users can achieve professional-grade audio results.

Ashampoo Audio Recorder Free Download

With its Scheduled Recording Functionality, Ashampoo Audio Recorder allows users to set specific times for audio recordings. This feature is invaluable for users who need to capture audio at predetermined intervals, optimizing resource usage and ensuring that important moments are not missed.

The Audio Editing Tools within the software provide users with the capability to edit and enhance their recorded audio. This includes features such as trimming, cutting, and adding effects, giving users a comprehensive platform for refining their audio content.

In addition to its recording and editing capabilities, Ashampoo Audio Recorder offers Wide Format Compatibility, supporting various audio formats such as MP3, FLAC, and WAV. This ensures that users have flexibility in choosing the format that best suits their needs or the requirements of their projects.

Ashampoo Audio Recorder for Free Download

The Real-Time Visualization Feature is another standout aspect of the software. It provides users with visual feedback during the recording process, including waveforms and audio levels, allowing for immediate assessment and adjustments.

In conclusion, Ashampoo Audio Recorder stands as a reliable and user-friendly solution for Windows users seeking efficient audio recording. With features like a user-friendly interface, high-quality audio recording, scheduled recording functionality, audio editing tools, wide format compatibility, and real-time visualization, it caters to the diverse needs of users looking to capture and refine their audio content seamlessly.


  • User-Friendly Interface: An intuitive design that simplifies the audio recording process for users of all levels.
  • High-Quality Audio Recording Capability: Captures audio in pristine quality, ensuring professional-grade results.
  • Scheduled Recording Functionality: Allows users to set specific times for audio recordings, optimizing resource usage.
  • Audio Editing Tools: Comprehensive tools for editing and enhancing recorded audio, including trimming, cutting, and adding effects.
  • Wide Format Compatibility: Supports various audio formats, including MP3, FLAC, and WAV, providing flexibility for different project requirements.
  • Real-Time Visualization Feature: Provides visual feedback during the recording process, including waveforms and audio levels, for immediate assessment.
  • Noise Reduction Features: Includes features for reducing background noise, ensuring clear and crisp audio recordings.
  • Automatic File Naming and Tagging: Streamlines organization with automatic naming and tagging of recorded audio files.
  • One-Click Recording: Simplifies the recording process with a one-click recording feature for quick and hassle-free audio capture.
  • Voice Activation Functionality: Enables voice-activated recording, allowing the software to start and stop recording based on audio input.
  • Multi-Channel Recording Support: Capable of recording audio from multiple channels simultaneously, catering to complex recording needs.
  • Timestamping Feature: Adds timestamps to recorded audio files for easy reference and organization.
  • CD Burning Capability: Allows users to burn recorded audio directly to CD for convenient sharing or archiving.
  • Audio File Splitting: Provides the ability to split large audio files into smaller segments for easy management.
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC): Maintains consistent audio levels by automatically adjusting gain during recording.
  • Pause and Resume Recording: Offers the flexibility to pause and resume recording sessions as needed.
  • Live Audio Previews: Provides live previews of audio recordings, allowing users to monitor the recording in real-time.
  • Easy Playback Controls: Simplifies the playback of recorded audio with easy-to-use controls.
  • Customizable Hotkeys: Allows users to set customizable hotkeys for various recording and playback functions.
  • Regular Software Updates: Ensures users have access to the latest features and improvements through regular software updates.

Ashampoo Audio Recorder Download Free

Technical Details

  • Software Name: Ashampoo Audio Recorder for Windows
  • Software File Name: ashampoo_audio_recorder_free_32417.rar
  • Software Version: 1.0.1
  • File Size: 38.4 MB
  • Developers: Ashampoo
  • File Password: 123
  • Language: English
  • Working Mode: Offline (You don’t need an internet connection to use it after installing)

System Requirements for Ashampoo Audio Recorder

  • Operating System: Windows 10/8/7
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 1 GB of minimum free HDD
  • Installed Memory: 2 GB of minimum RAM
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or higher
  • Minimum Screen Resolution: 800 x 600

Download Ashampoo Audio Recorder Latest Version Free

Click on the button given below to download Ashampoo Audio Recorder free setup. It is a complete offline setup of Ashampoo Audio Recorder for Windows and has excellent compatibility with x86 and x64 architectures.

File Password: 123

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