Facebook Messenger Chatbot Characteristics That Are a Must

Facebook messenger chatbots are an efficient way to gather engagement. As we know, Facebook is being used as the biggest platform for marketing and sales. But now, marketers are also using Facebook messenger chatbots for marketing purposes. It increases the engagement of the audience. Facebook messenger chatbot advertisements increase engagement fifty times as compared to normal advertisements. Building Facebook messenger chatbot is one of the most innovative ways of interacting with the users. Responding to questions of the users using Facebook messenger chatbot is an effective way of developing a sense of value in the minds of the users.

Facebook Messenger Chatbot Characteristics

If you are using Facebook messenger chatbot for marketing and advertisement purposes, there are some things you would need to consider. These are some of the characteristics that are a must for a chatbot.

Use Natural Language for Interaction

Even when the audience is conversing with a bot, any normal individual would not want to converse with a bot. Hence, the messenger bot should use a natural language for interacting that makes them feel like they are interacting with a human. Bots can also use emojis and gifs to give a friendly impression to the user. If the user faces any inconvenience or faces a problem, the bot is going to apologize for the inconvenience by saying sorry.

Emotional Intelligence

Not only the chatbot should be able to respond to the questions asked by the user, the bot has to be emotionally intelligent. The bot should analyze the mood of the user and respond accordingly. It should have the ability to reply to what the user wants to hear.

Smartness and Access to Multiple Languages across Fb &Instagram

Along with being emotionally intelligent, a bot needs to be smart, quick, and frequent in responding to the user. Chatbots should be smart enough to drag the conversation. A smart chatbot knows what the next possible question of the followers could be. Hence, it always responds in advance to the user. Also, a smart chatbot is able to interact in multiple languages with its users. Instagram users increased more than 1 billion and interaction also vice versa, buy Instagram followers for better engagement.

Center of Focus of chatbots should be the user

The centre of focus of the chatbots should always be the user. Chatbots should provide value to the users in order to increase engagement by the users. Chatbots should be having the ability to predict the needs and wants of the users and respond to their questions and queries even before they ask.

Subscription Feature

This feature allows the users to connect to businesses via sending instant messages using Facebook messenger. It will allow users to get updates from different businesses. But it should also have an option that allows users to opt out when they no longer want to receive messages.

Chatbots should have the ability to broadcast messages

A Facebook messenger chatbot is capable of having many more abilities than just being used as a tool for responding and answering the questions of the users. A smart chatbot is able to broadcast the messages that make the message available for a lot of users.

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