How to Pass Microsoft MCSA 70-410 Exam in 5 Easy Steps

The 70-410 certification exam is the first part of a three-part series of tests that measures the skills and expertise of a candidate in implementing a core Windows Server 2012 infrastructure in a business environment. The exam focuses on installing and configuring Windows Server 2012, and the candidate who passes it validates his or her ability to configure and implement Windows Server 2012 core services like networking services, Active Directory, Group Policy, and Hyper-V.

The objectives of the exam help you understand the areas that the questions will focus on to prepare effectively. Here are the exam objectives:

  • Installing and configuring Servers andActive Directory
  • Configuring server features and roles
  • Configuring Hyper-V
  • Developing and configuring major network services
  • Building and operating Group Policy

Best Websites for the 70-410 Exam

The Internet has vast resources that you can take to prepare for this certification exam and some of them stand out from the rest. Here are the best websites for the 70-410test:

  • TechNet

It offers 31 different virtual labs that are aligned to Windows Server 2012 and a virtual lab that is designed for configuring and managing servers. These resources are free.

  • MeasureUp

Here you will get practice tests and a series of practice labs aligned to the Windows Server 2012 exam. You will also get tasks that focus on the exam objectives.

  • uCertify

It offers a wide range of practice questions and includes a study guide for every chapter and you can practice as you progress.

5 Steps to Prepare for the 70-410 Exam

For this certification exam, there are so many preparation alternatives you can use. Here are some of them:

  1. Complete the training course

This exam is not something you just walk into after learning a few concepts from experts. You need to attend a training program and get the classroom experience for you to have any hope of passing it. The Firebrand training center offers a course for this exam that lasts for 9 days and you can take it there. This is essential for helping you to get the practical experience you need to pass the exam.

  1. Join a Microsoft forum

This is a community of like-minded people that you can exchange ideas with that are beneficial for your preparation for the exam. Those who have taken thistest and passed it share tips on the study resources they used and how they prepared for the exam. This gives you an insight intohow best to handle your test preparation and in case you experience difficulties, there are people you can turn to help you get it right. TechNet has forums that will guide you on the exam and they have a wide range of topics which you can check out since it may be possible that the question you want to ask has already been asked and answered.

  1. Use practice tests

You should search for practice tests for the exam because they will get you used to the exam atmosphere. Microsoft MCSA 70-410 Exam Dumps Questions & Answers 70-410 Practice tests are also a good way of gauging your level of preparedness for the exam. The questions you are unable to answer will indicate to you where you need to focus your reading. You also learn how to manage your time for the real exam by checking the time you used to answer the practice questions. MeasureUp are the official test providers for Microsoft and their practice tests will help you prepare for the exam.

  1. Get practical experience with the software

Microsoft provides you with a test version of Windows Server 2012 R2 which you can download. This is the best way to get ready for the exam because you get to practice and gain practical experience in using the software. You have a period of 180 days to master the features of this software in the context of this test. Eventually, this experience will help you in a professional setting.

  1. Use revision guides

Revision guides are a great way for preparing for the exam and you need to take advantage of them. They are designed in a way that helps you to organize your revision in a way that best suits your style of learning. They enable you to focus on the concepts that you are likely to encounter in the exam. Revision reinforces your learning and helps you cover the areas that you may have missed or overlooked when you were taking the course. You will also be able to set your own study pace depending on the day you are supposed to take the exam. You can get the complete MCSA study guide on Amazon.


For you to pass this exam, you should exhaust all the resources that are relevant and available. This means that you need to come up with a plan of action and follow it until you sit for the exam. This Microsoft certification test is beneficial to your career and you should ensure that you give it your best. You can never go wrong with a thorough preparation, so choose that road. All the best!

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