OpenedFilesView Free Download

OpenedFilesView Free Download

OpenedFilesView is very popular software to handle any file issue on your PC. It has many brilliant features like show all the opened files in your computer, positions of the files different operations on the file like read files write files, and delete the files.  OpenedFilesView allows the user to close any files and terminate any operation on the files. This is very useful when windows show the error message when user want to delete the specific file. This error message occurred because the file is locked or some operation is going on the file.

OpenedFilesView Free Download

OpenedFilesView has very attractive and colorful graphic interface. The user can easily customize the this app and select the files to perform required any operation. By default it selects all the opened files in the list and show information about file path, creation date, last modification date, the size of the file, handles the code, and the access type of the file.

Key Features of OpenedFilesView

It comes up with a bundle of great features which include

  • Attractive and Colorful interface
  • Access hidden information about the files
  • Access all the Opened Files in PC
  • Kill any Process in the PC
  • Delete unwanted files
  • Perform 100% without decreasing the efficiency of PC

Free Download OpenedFilesView

Click on the link given below to download OpenedFilesView free. This is complete offline one click installer for windows. It is compatible with win 200, win 2005, win XP, win 7, win 8 and win 10.