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Download PDF Fixer Pro PDF Fixer Pro full version program free setup for Windows. PDF Fixer standalone offline installer + Portable for Windows. This is a free PDF repair utility that repairs corrupt PDF files.

PDF Fixer Pro Overview

PDF Fixer Pro stands out as an essential Windows software designed to address and rectify issues commonly encountered with PDF files. This comprehensive tool introduces a range of features aimed at repairing, optimizing, and enhancing the functionality of PDF documents.

A prominent feature of PDF Fixer Pro is its Advanced PDF Repair Technology. This cutting-edge technology enables the software to analyze and identify various issues within PDF files, such as corrupted content, damaged structures, or missing elements. The repair process is carried out with precision to ensure the restoration of the document to its optimal state.

This software introduces a User-Friendly Interface that simplifies the PDF repair process for users of all levels of technical expertise. The intuitive layout and guided steps make it easy for users to navigate through the repair options and initiate the correction of PDF-related issues.

PDF Fixer Pro Free Download

Another noteworthy feature in PDF Fixer Pro is its Batch Repair Capability. This functionality allows users to process multiple PDF files simultaneously, saving time and effort when dealing with a collection of documents. The batch repair feature streamlines the workflow, making it convenient for users handling numerous PDF files.

In addition to repairing damaged PDFs, PDF Fixer Pro includes a PDF Optimization Feature. This feature ensures that the repaired PDFs are not only fixed but also optimized for improved performance and reduced file size. It contributes to a smoother user experience when working with the repaired documents.

The software prioritizes user control and customization with its Selective Repair Option. This feature empowers users to choose specific elements or components within a PDF file to repair, providing a tailored approach to addressing issues without altering the entire document unnecessarily.

For added convenience, PDF Fixer Pro is designed to be compatible with various versions of the Windows operating system, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of users. The software seamlessly integrates into the Windows environment, offering a familiar and reliable platform for PDF repair.


  • Advanced PDF Repair Technology: Utilizes cutting-edge technology to analyze and identify issues within PDF files, ensuring precise and comprehensive repair.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Offers an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface, catering to users of all technical levels for a seamless PDF repair experience.
  • Batch Repair Capability: Empowers users to process multiple PDF files simultaneously, streamlining workflows and saving time.
  • PDF Optimization Feature: Not only repairs damaged PDFs but also optimizes them for improved performance and reduced file size.
  • Selective Repair Option: Allows users to choose specific elements or components within a PDF file to repair, providing a customized approach to issue resolution.
  • Compatibility with Windows: Seamlessly integrates into various versions of the Windows operating system, ensuring accessibility for a broad user base.
  • Repair Corrupted Content: Specifically targets and fixes corrupted content within PDF files to restore them to their optimal state.
  • Document Structure Repair: Addresses issues related to damaged document structures, ensuring the overall integrity of PDF files.
  • Missing Elements Restoration: Identifies and restores missing elements within PDFs, preserving the completeness of the document.
  • Embedded Font Repair: Targets and repairs issues related to embedded fonts, ensuring accurate and consistent text representation.
  • Image Recovery: Recovers and restores images that may have been corrupted or lost within the PDF document.
  • Page Element Reconstruction: Reconstructs damaged or missing page elements to maintain the document’s original layout and formatting.
  • Security Feature Preservation: Ensures that repaired PDFs retain their original security features, such as password protection and encryption.
  • Hyperlink Validation and Correction: Validates and corrects hyperlinks within PDFs, ensuring accurate navigation and connectivity.
  • Metadata Restoration: Restores metadata information, such as author details and creation date, to maintain document authenticity.
  • Compatibility with PDF Standards: Adheres to PDF standards, ensuring that repaired files remain compatible with various PDF readers and applications.
  • Automatic Backup Creation: Automatically creates backups of original PDF files before initiating the repair process, providing a safety net for users.
  • Detailed Repair Reports: Generates comprehensive reports detailing the repair actions taken, offering transparency and insights into the correction process.
  • Quick and Efficient Repair Process: Executes repairs swiftly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and ensuring a prompt turnaround for users.
  • Reliable Customer Support: Offers reliable customer support to assist users with any queries or concerns, enhancing the overall user experience.

PDF Fixer Pro for Download Free

Technical Details

  • Software Name: PDF Fixer Pro for Windows
  • Software File Name: PDF-Fixer-Pro-1.3.rar, pdffixer.rar
  • Software Version: 1.3
  • File Size: 15.6 MB, 15.6 MB
  • Developers: PDF Fixer
  • File Password: 123
  • Language: English
  • Working Mode: Offline (You don’t need an internet connection to use it after installing)

PDF Fixer Pro for Free Download

System Requirements for PDF Fixer Pro

  • Operating System: Windows 10, 11
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 700 MB
  • Installed Memory: 4 GB Recommended
  • Processor: Intel Multi-Core Processor or higher
  • Minimum Screen Resolution: 800 x 600

Download PDF Fixer Pro Latest Version Free

Click on the button given below to download PDF Fixer Pro free setup. It is a complete offline setup of PDF Fixer Pro for Windows and has excellent compatibility with x86 and x64 architectures.

File Password: 123

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