Chakra Linux Free Download

Chakra Linux is a most powerful Arch Linux-based Operating System with many advanced features and options. This free download is a standalone ISO image installer of Chakra Linux 2016.02.

Chakra Linux Overview

Open Source Arch Linux has further many flavors with a lot of enhancements, Chakra Linux is one of them. This GNU/Linux is an open source distribution so that anyone can modify it as required. It is built with the powerful KSE SC Desktop Environment to provide more and easy control over the features. Chakra Linux provides a Graphical Installation wizard like that of Windows along with auto-detection and configuration of the hardware attached to your computer. It is also loaded with many powerful and free tools to take care of your tasks like integrated browser, multimedia tools, system administration, utilities, configuration, security and on the top of all it provides complete productive suites including a word processor, spreadsheets, and presentation tools.

Chakra Linux 2016.02 Review

It comes up with a user-friendly interface and provides many advanced features for development with the help of KDE desktop environment providing a tweaked and customized environment. A powerful command line interface provides more control over the tool like other Arch releases. Moreover, this wonderful operating system is specifically designed to provide more reliable OS with ultimate availability features. It has its own a rolling release model and its software repositories are there to keep you up to date without the need of installing complete operating System.

Features of Chakra Linux 2016.02

Some of the features of Chakra Linux are:

  • User-friendly black interface with KDE desktop environment
  • GNU Open Source Linux Operating System
  • Advanced Security features with reliability and availability
  • Auto detection and configuration of attached hardware
  • Productive suites for presentation, spreadsheets, and word processing
  • Powerful Command-Line interface
  • Graphical installation with different memory tests and detailed hardware information
  • Other applications include
    • Rekonq Browser
    • Kate text editor
    • Marble virtual globe and world atlas
    • Zenmap port scanning tool
    • Dragon Media Player
    • Kdenlive video editing tool
    • Firewire audio mixing tool
    • FFADO Mixer
    • Yakuake drop-down terminal
    • miniBackup utility tool
    • K3B CD/DVD/Blue-ray burning tool
  • Many other advanced features and options

System Requirements for Chakra Linux

Before you download and install Chakra Linux 2016.02, make sure that your system meets the given requirements

  • Free Disk Space Required for Burning DVD: 2 GB or higher
  • Installed Memory: Minimum 2GB of RAM required
  • Processor: x86-64 architecture multicore processor

Chakra Linux Free Download

Click the below link to download the standalone ISO disk image installer of Chakra Linux 2016.02 for x64 architecture. It is powerful and the latest release based on Arch Linux.

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