Gentoo Linux Free Download

Gentoo Linux 20160514 is a special release of Linux that can directly run from USB drive or DVD which makes it portable. This free download of Gentoo Linux is a standalone DVD ISO image.

Gentoo Linux 20160514 Overview

As an open-source Linux is modified into different flavors to make it more efficient and more reliable. Every time when you install a Linux release you must fetch the data from the Linux repository or you need to download a standalone copy of the release and install it to your drive. In case you are unable to install Linux on your machine or you want to install Linux but you need Linux on some portable device so that you can use it when needed so you must get Gentoo Linux. It can run directly from any portable drive or DVD. This version of Linux is distributed as dual-arch Live DVD which can run for both 32bit and 64-bit architecture. Among many of its features, you can start the live system from the boot menu and perform memory test or run it from different boot images.


Coming toward the user interface based on KDE Plasma provides a Graphical Desktop Environment which is really easy to use and very familiar. Moreover, this release is loaded with a variety of open source applications including a productive suite and other different applications. Blender 3D modeler is there to help you in modeling with different tools. Get even faster Browsing Experience with Mozilla Firefox. Download torrent files and manage your media.

Features of Gentoo Linux 20160514

Some of the features of Gentoo Linux are:

  • Easy to use KDE Plasma
  • Open-source
  • Secure and reliable
  • Portable Linux release
  • Efficient and delivers performance
  • Dual-Arch Live DVD
  • Perform memory test from boot menu
  • Productive suite
  • Different free applications
    • Blender 3D
    • Firefox browser
    • Opera Browser
    • 3D modeler
    • Dia Diagram
    • GIMP image editor
    • Shotwell and DigiKam Photo Management
  • FTP and gFTP file transfer client
  • Claws Mail email
  • XChat IRC Client and much more

System Requirements for Gentoo Linux

Before you download and install Gentoo Linux, make sure that your system meets the given requirements

  • Free Disk Space: 4GB or more free space on Hard Disk or any Portable drive
  • Installed Memory (RAM): Minimum 2GB (4GB recommended)

Gentoo Linux Free Download

Click the below link to download the standalone ISO Live DVD image of Gentoo Linux. This release can be installed to any portable media.

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