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Dev C++ is a free compiler that is developed by Bloodshed Software. This free download of Dev is a complete offline installer for Windows 32bit and 64bit.

Dev C++ Overview

Dev C++ stands as a prominent and widely-used piece of Windows Software designed for C and C++ programming. This integrated development environment (IDE) incorporates a multitude of features aimed at facilitating a seamless and efficient coding experience for developers.

At the core of Dev C++ is its powerful and user-friendly IDE, providing a centralized platform for coding, debugging, and compiling C and C++ programs. The IDE stands out for its simplicity and versatility, offering a range of tools that cater to both beginners and experienced developers.

A standout feature is the software’s robust code editor. The code editor in Dev C++ supports syntax highlighting, code completion, and other features that enhance code readability and speed up the coding process. This feature ensures that developers can write clean and error-free code with efficiency.

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For efficient debugging, Dev C++ integrates a comprehensive debugger. The debugger allows developers to identify and resolve issues in their code systematically. With features like breakpoints and variable watches, the debugger in Dev C++ facilitates a thorough and effective debugging process.

To streamline the development workflow, Dev C++ incorporates a versatile compiler. The compiler supports various versions of the C and C++ languages, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of projects. The inclusion of a powerful compiler enhances the software’s capability to handle diverse programming requirements.

In addition to its coding and debugging features, Dev C++ emphasizes project management with its integrated project explorer. The project explorer provides a structured view of the project, allowing developers to organize files, resources, and dependencies efficiently. This ensures that developers can manage and navigate through projects seamlessly.


  • Windows Software: A prominent and widely-used Windows Software for C and C++ programming.
  • Integrated Development Environment (IDE): Powerful and user-friendly IDE for coding, debugging, and compiling C and C++ programs.
  • Code Editor: Robust code editor with features like syntax highlighting and code completion for enhanced code readability.
  • Debugger: Comprehensive debugger that facilitates systematic identification and resolution of code issues.
  • Compiler: Versatile compiler supporting various versions of the C and C++ languages for compatibility with diverse projects.
  • Project Explorer: Integrated project explorer for organized management of files, resources, and dependencies within a project.
  • Community Forum: Supportive community forum for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and seeking help among developers.
  • Syntax Highlighting: In the code editor, effective syntax highlighting improves code readability and identification.
  • Code Completion: The code editor features efficient code completion for a faster and error-free coding process.
  • Versatility: The compiler provides versatility by supporting various versions of C and C++ languages.
  • Project Management: Project explorer contributes to efficient project management by offering a structured view of the project.
  • Online Collaboration: The community forum encourages online collaboration and knowledge exchange among developers.
  • Efficient Workflow: The IDE ensures an efficient workflow for developers by providing a centralized platform.
  • Compatibility: The compiler ensures compatibility with a wide range of projects and programming requirements.
  • Debugging Tools: The debugger provides essential debugging tools such as breakpoints and variable watches.
  • Resource Organization: Project explorer facilitates the organization of resources within a project for easy navigation.
  • Clean Code: The code editor promotes writing clean code through syntax highlighting and code completion.
  • Error Resolution: The debugger assists in systematic error resolution during the debugging process.
  • Structured Project View: The project explorer offers a structured project view for efficient navigation and organization.
  • Knowledge Sharing: The community forum fosters a sense of knowledge sharing and collaboration among developers.
  • User-Centric Design: Dev C++ is designed with a user-centric approach, catering to both beginners and experienced developers.

 Downlaod Dev C++ Latest Version Free

Click on the link given below to download the Dev++ complete setup free. This is a complete offline one-click standalone setup of Dev C++ which is compatible with both 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems.

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