Tips on Writing a Good Computer Science Research Paper

We bet you are well aware of the steps you need to make to write a comprehensive computer science research paper. However, we’ve asked academic writing experts from to share some extra tips on how to nail this job. Let’s take a close look!

Start with an Impressive Intro

To do so, make sure to think of a problem statement that covers some really up-to-date issue. Every research paper should be built around an impressive problem statement, even if your professor does not directly demand it. To start with, make research on topics you are interested in. Look for the latest developments in the field. You should first of all focus on the topics which have unresolved issues. Writing on Computer Science, you are lucky, as almost any field has lots of such issues with the development of the technology. Choosing the topic state a problem that seems the most related to the point. You can write a page about it, but later, you should get it into a form of one or two sentences. Your intro should be rather short, but at the same time catchy and elaborate enough to attract readers attention.

Tips on Writing a Good Computer Science Research Paper

Write for a Broader Audience

Of course, your professor just has to read your paper, there is no way he or she won’t do it, just because your research paper is dull, or its problem statement is not catchy. However, it is not a good idea to think this way because it will really harm the quality of your computer science research paper. Imagine that you are writing for a broader audience, the intelligent audience you care about. You can also imagine that you are drafting a book that is destined to become a bestseller. This way you will make your tone of voice much more vivid.

Cut On Passive Voice

Previously, it was a requirement to write academic papers using the passive voice, but now this demand is seen too old-fashioned. Of course, you are not writing an entertaining magazine, so you should stay formal, but it doesn’t mean you should let all the action out of your text. When you have an action figure, be it a program or a person, make it act, don’t hide behind passive voice constructions, they mostly look weak and, consequently, weaken your story.

Read Your Instructions Thoroughly

Not reading requirements given by a professor is a common trait for many students. When you are just starting writing academic essays, you study every letter of those requirements meticulously, but as time passes you begin neglecting it, as you think you’ve “been there, done that.” You think all the conditions are alike and you can just skip some of them and not waste too much time dealing with others. Wrong! Read them carefully, make notes, make a short list if needed and follow it. We hate being nerds, but it is genuinely irritating when good students make a thorough research, come up with engaging ideas and get low scores forgetting some of the professor’s instructions.

Keep In Touch with Reality

There is hardly something more real than computer science technologies related to almost every aspect of our lives. Don’t forget about it, when writing your research paper. No matter what your topic is, make sure to link it to the most current technology development, its effect on daily life, etc. The easiest way to do so is to through in some real-life example, some popular, practical cases.

Proofread Everything Carefully

We can’t emphasize the importance of proofreading enough. It is similar to following the instructions — your brilliant idea has no actual meaning if you don’t proofread your research paper thoroughly and let myriads of technical mistakes and omissions stay there. Writing and editing involve different parts of your brain, so errors are inevitable. Make sure to allocate enough time to deal with them before you submit your computer science research paper.  

If you are not sure you can handle this assignment yourself, or you would like extra assistance with several parts of your research paper, you can always address a professional writing service for help. No matter whether you write it on your own or with some expert help, make sure to proofread a final draft twice and submit it on time.

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