Ubuntu Desktop Latest Version Free Download

Ubuntu desktop is a widely used Linux operating which is Debian-based. It is for personal computers, smartphones, and network servers. This free download is the latest version ISO image file for both 32bit and 64bit architecture for desktop computers.

Overview of Ubuntu Desktop

Ubuntu is famous Linux-based operating system specifically designed for a layman. Ubuntu is named after South African philosophy that means humanity. This release is completely designed for home and office users with a user-friendly environment and all the basic facilities like Firefox for better browsing experience, LibreOffice for creating and managing documents and presentations along with light-weight games and applications. Ubuntu desktop can also run applications for purely designed for Windows environment.

Ubuntu latest version free download

Every operating system requires security and ubuntu provides an ultimate level of security to keep you safe from all the external threats and malware. Sudo is a security tool in ubuntu which assigns temporary assessments to administrative tools. It allows the root account to remain locked for preventing the unusual activities. It is an open source tool which provides a reliable technical support for more security. Ubuntu software center aloows you to get many applications, APT-based package mangement software. Ubuntu desktop is distributed under GNU General Public License (GPL) and all the applications. It provides to best environment that can utilize the full fledge resources of the computer with a better performance.

Ubuntu Desktop Features

Ubuntu is loaded with a lot of features that include

  • User-friendly interface
  • Open-source package with GNU General Public License
  • Built-in utilities and tools like LibreOffice and Firefox
  • Built-in games like Skuodu and chess
  • APT-based Package Management software
  • Support applications that are designed for Windows
  • Sudo Security tool to provide out of the box security
  • Disk encryption features

System Requirements for Ubuntu Desktop

Make sure that your system meets the given requirements before you download and install Ubuntu.

  • Operating Systems that can run Ubuntu with a virtual machine: Windows XP/Vista or Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: Minimum 1GHz Pentium 4┬áProcessor
  • Installed Memory (RAM): Minimum 512MB
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 1GB space required for installation

Ubuntu Desktop Latest Version ISO Image Free Download

Click the link below to download the ISO image of latest version for Ubuntu Desktop. It is compatible with both 32bit and 64bit architecture.


32 bit