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Download Writemapper 3 full version program free setup for Windows. Writemapper 3 full version standalone offline installer for Windows. It is a content writing tool to produce text documents quickly.

Writemapper 3 Overview

Writemapper is a powerful visual outlining tool that helps writers and content creators organize their thoughts, plan their writing projects, and streamline the writing process. It offers a visual interface that allows users to create structured mind maps or outlines, providing a clear overview of their writing project’s structure and content. One of the key features of Writemapper is its intuitive and user-friendly interface. Users can easily create and arrange nodes on the mind map, representing different sections or ideas within their writing piece. The visual nature of Writemapper makes it easy to see the relationships between different sections and helps writers maintain a coherent and logical flow in their work. With Writemapper, writers can quickly brainstorm ideas and capture them in a visually appealing format. They can expand and collapse nodes to reveal or hide more detailed sub-points, enabling them to delve deeper into each section of their writing project. This hierarchical structure allows writers to focus on individual ideas while keeping sight of the bigger picture. The software also provides flexibility in organizing and reorganizing content. Users can easily rearrange nodes by dragging and dropping them to create a new structure or change the order of ideas. This allows for easy experimentation and refinement of the writing outline, ensuring that the final piece is well-structured and cohesive.

Writemapper for Free Download

Writemapper offers seamless integration with popular word processors and writing tools. Writers can export their mind maps or outlines into formats like Word, Markdown, or plain text, preserving the structure and hierarchy of their writing plan. This integration allows for a smooth transition from the planning stage to the actual writing process, eliminating the need to manually recreate the outline in a separate application. Another valuable feature of Writemapper is its collaboration capabilities. Multiple users can work on the same mind map simultaneously, making it an excellent tool for team projects or when seeking feedback from editors or clients. The collaborative nature of Writemapper facilitates effective communication and ensures that everyone involved in the writing process stays on the same page. Furthermore, Writemapper provides a distraction-free writing environment called “Focus Mode.” This mode hides the mind map or outline, allowing writers to concentrate solely on their writing without visual distractions. Once they’re ready to refer back to the outline, they can easily exit Focus Mode and resume the visual overview.

Writemapper 3 Free Download

In summary, Writemapper is a valuable tool for writers and content creators who want to streamline their writing process and create well-organized and structured pieces. With its intuitive interface, visual mind mapping capabilities, seamless integration with word processors, collaboration features, and distraction-free writing environment, Writemapper empowers writers to plan and execute their writing projects more efficiently, resulting in polished and coherent final pieces.

Writemapper Free Download


  • Visual Mind Mapping: Writemapper offers a visual mind mapping interface, allowing users to create and organize their writing projects with ease.
  • Intuitive User Interface: The software features a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, making it accessible to writers of all skill levels.
  • Hierarchical Structure: Users can create a hierarchical structure by expanding and collapsing nodes, helping to maintain a logical flow in their writing.
  • Drag and Drop Functionality: Writemapper allows users to rearrange nodes by simply dragging and dropping them, facilitating easy organization and reorganization of ideas.
  • Easy Brainstorming: Writers can quickly brainstorm ideas and capture them in the mind map format, helping to generate and organize thoughts efficiently.
  • Sub-point Expansion: Users can expand nodes to reveal more detailed sub-points, allowing for deeper exploration of ideas within each section of the writing project.
  • Multiple Export Formats: Writemapper supports exporting mind maps or outlines in various formats, including Word, Markdown, and plain text, for seamless integration with other writing tools.
  • Integration with Word Processors: Writers can easily transfer their outline to word processors, ensuring a smooth transition from planning to the actual writing process.
  • Collaboration Capabilities: Writemapper supports collaboration, enabling multiple users to work on the same mind map simultaneously, promoting effective teamwork and feedback.
  • Team Project Management: Users can assign tasks and responsibilities within the mind map, making it a valuable tool for managing team writing projects.
  • Distraction-Free Writing: Writemapper offers a Focus Mode that hides the mind map, allowing writers to focus solely on their writing without visual distractions.
  • Section Notes: Users can add notes to each section or node, providing additional details or reminders for content development.
  • Custom Styling: The software allows users to customize the appearance of their mind maps by changing colors, fonts, and styles, making it visually appealing and personalized.
  • Quick Keyboard Shortcuts: Writemapper provides a range of keyboard shortcuts for efficient navigation and editing, enhancing productivity during the outlining process.
  • Exported Document Formatting: The software preserves the structure and formatting of the mind map during export, ensuring that the final document retains the original hierarchy.
  • Auto-Numbering: Writemapper can automatically number nodes or sections, simplifying the organization and referencing of ideas.
  • Collaboration Notifications: Users receive notifications and updates when changes are made by other collaborators, keeping everyone informed and facilitating effective communication.
  • Custom Node Icons: Writers can assign custom icons to nodes, helping to visually categorize and distinguish different sections or ideas.
  • Full-Screen Mode: Writemapper offers a full-screen mode for a distraction-free and immersive writing experience.
  • Task Progress Tracking: Users can track the progress of tasks or sections within the mind map, ensuring deadlines and milestones are met.
  • History and Version Control: The software keeps a history of changes made to the mind map, allowing users to review and revert to previous versions if needed.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Writemapper is compatible with multiple operating systems, including Windows and macOS, providing flexibility for users.
  • Search and Find Functionality: Writers can search for specific nodes or keywords within the mind map, making it easy to locate and navigate to relevant sections.
  • Offline Mode: The software offers an offline mode, allowing users to access and work on their mind maps without an internet connection.
  • Auto-Save Feature: Writemapper automatically saves changes made to the mind map, preventing the loss of work and providing peace of mind.
  • Export as Image: Users can export the mind map as an image file, enabling easy sharing or insertion into presentations or documents.
  • Tagging and Labeling: Writemapper supports tagging and labeling of nodes, providing an additional organizational layer to the mind map.
  • Customizable Templates: The software provides customizable templates for different writing projects or styles, saving time and effort in setting up the initial structure.
  • Color-Coded Nodes: Users can assign different colors to nodes to visually differentiate between sections or ideas, aiding in comprehension and organization.
  • Zoom In and Out: Writers can zoom in and out of the mind map, allowing for detailed or bird’s-eye views of the entire structure.
  • Export to PDF: Writemapper allows users to export the mind map as a PDF file, ensuring compatibility and easy sharing across different platforms.
  • Collaboration Chat: Users can communicate and collaborate with team members through an integrated chat feature within the software.
  • Goal Setting and Progress Monitoring: Writers can set goals for sections or tasks within the mind map and monitor their progress, providing motivation and accountability.
  • Template Sharing: Writemapper enables users to share their customized templates with others, promoting knowledge sharing and productivity.
  • Import Existing Outlines: Users can import existing outlines or text documents into Writemapper, quickly converting them into visual mind maps for further organization.
  • Presentation Mode: The software offers a presentation mode, allowing users to present their mind maps in a visually engaging format.
  • Export as OPML: Writers can export the mind map in OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) format, making it compatible with other outlining tools.
  • Print Functionality: Writemapper supports printing of the mind map, providing a tangible reference or brainstorming aid during the writing process.
  • Auto-Layout Feature: The software provides an auto-layout feature to automatically arrange nodes, ensuring an organized and visually balanced mind map.
  • Responsive Customer Support: Writemapper offers responsive customer support to address any inquiries or issues that users may encounter during their writing journey.

Technical Details

  • Software Name: Writemapper for Windows
  • Software File Name: WriteMapper-3.0.6.rar
  • Software Version: 3.0.6
  • File Size: 108 MB
  • Developers: Better Web Pages
  • File Password: 123
  • Language: English
  • Working Mode: Offline (You don’t need an internet connection to use it after installing)

System Requirements for Writemapper 3

  • Operating system: Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista/XP
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 300 B of minimum free HDD
  • Installed Memory: 1 GB of minimum RAM
  • Processor: Intel Multi-Core Processor or higher
  • Minimum Screen Resolution: 800 x 600

What is the latest version of Writemapper?

The developers consistently update the project. You can view the most recent software update on their official website.

Is it worth it to install and use Software Writemapper?

Whether an app is worth using or not depends on several factors, such as its functionality, features, ease of use, reliability, and value for money.

To determine if an app is worth using, you should consider the following:

  1. Functionality and features: Does the app provide the features and functionality you need? Does it offer any additional features that you would find useful?
  2. Ease of use: Is the app user-friendly and easy to navigate? Can you easily find the features you need without getting lost in the interface?
  3. Reliability and performance: Does the app work reliably and consistently? Does it crash or freeze frequently? Does it run smoothly and efficiently?
  4. Reviews and ratings: Check out reviews and ratings from other users to see what their experiences have been like with the app.

Based on these factors, you can decide if an app is worth using or not. If the app meets your needs, is user-friendly, works reliably, and offers good value for money and time, then it may be worth using.

Is Writemapper Safe?

Writemapper is widely used on Windows operating systems. In terms of safety, it is generally considered to be a safe and reliable software program. However, it’s important to download it from a reputable source, such as the official website or a trusted download site, to ensure that you are getting a genuine version of the software. There have been instances where attackers have used fake or modified versions of software to distribute malware, so it’s essential to be vigilant and cautious when downloading and installing the software. Overall, this software can be considered a safe and useful tool as long as it is used responsibly and obtained from a reputable source.

How to install software from the WinRAR file?

To install an application that is in a WinRAR archive, follow these steps:

  1. Extract the contents of the WinRAR archive to a folder on your computer. To do this, right-click on the archive and select ”Extract Here” or ”Extract to [folder name]”.”
  2. Once the contents have been extracted, navigate to the folder where the files were extracted.
  3. Look for an executable file with a .exeextension. This file is typically the installer for the application.
  4. Double-click on the executable file to start the installation process. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.
  5. After the installation is complete, you can launch the application from the Start menu or by double-clicking on the desktop shortcut, if one was created during the installation.

If you encounter any issues during the installation process, such as missing files or compatibility issues, refer to the documentation or support resources for the application for assistance.

Can x86 run on x64?

Yes, x86 programs can run on an x64 system. Most modern x64 systems come with a feature called Windows-on-Windows 64-bit (WoW64), which allows 32-bit (x86) applications to run on 64-bit (x64) versions of Windows.
When you run an x86 program on an x64 system, WoW64 translates the program’s instructions into the appropriate format for the x64 system. This allows the x86 program to run without any issues on the x64 system.
However, it’s important to note that running x86 programs on an x64 system may not be as efficient as running native x64 programs. This is because WoW64 needs to do additional work to translate the program’s instructions, which can result in slower performance. Additionally, some x86 programs may not work properly on an x64 system due to compatibility issues.

What is the verdict?

This app is well-designed and easy to use, with a range of useful features. It performs well and is compatible with most devices. However, may be some room for improvement in terms of security and privacy. Overall, it’s a good choice for those looking for a reliable and functional app.

Download Writemapper Latest Version Free

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