PhishProof – Antiphishing Software

Phishing is the fraudulent practice of disguising oneself as a representative of a well-known company and then trying to obtain discreet information of people through e-mails and web. A phishing scam is a growing problem in the digital world and one that invades the privacy of thousands of people every year.

Fraudsters have several ways of pulling out sensitive data such as via e-mail, phone calls, USB baiting, etc. This modern-day epidemic has already done massive damage to people’s privacy.

What is phishing software?

Phishing software is the one that has been designed to identify phishing scams online. It is very imperative to use this software these days because scammers are looking for ways to obtain sensitive information for personal gains. This software is well equipped with all the features that are necessary for protecting a company from phishing scams.

A phishproof software is the need of the hour and something that is mandatory for companies to embed in their systems for the better.

Phishing software has the following features:


With this feature, an organization can send text messages to their employees to check their vulnerability to such messages. Moreover, one can select from 12 templates and then forward it to their workforce.

USB Baiting

With USB baiting into perspective, one can train their employees in the use of plugging in unauthorized USB drives. Multiple educational pages come in MS Word, Excel, and PDF formats, which can be used to check a person’s curiosity to open a link.


Obtaining discreet information on the phone is a growing practice in the phishing scam. You can train your employees with the help of 19 different voice tones that can be used to test their fallibility in a certain situation.

Why use Phishing software?

As discussed already, phishing scams are on the yellow brick road these days, which is why it is very imperative to be prepared for the techniques that scammers use. Fraudsters are experts in pulling out discreet information such as credit card details, bank account number, date of birth, etc. from people.

Moreover, companies are at higher risk when it comes to protecting valuable information. Employees are the first source through which company information can easily channel out. This means that a company is at a much higher risk if an employee mistakenly runs out any discrete data. Once you train your employees on the use of the software and about getting rid of a phishing scam, they will very likely be able to counter fight phishing scams in future very easily without the need for professional help.

Why use Phishing software


Phishing is the modern century scam which has to be brought to an end certainly. It is very imperative that one cuts down the criminal practices of fraudsters with the help of such software. However, make sure that employees master the art of using this software, and more than this, the ways to get rid of such scams. It is no wonder that the invasion of anyone’s privacy on purpose without their consent is a criminal offence and punishable by law.

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