Robinhood’s Security Breach

An external intruder gained access to the personal information of more than 7 million customers in this cyber attack. The company says that although the attacker was able to access personal data such as customers’ full names and email addresses, it does not believe that Social Security numbers, bank account numbers, or debit card numbers of customers were exposed during the attack.

Robinhood has shared a formal blog post to announce the data breach. In the post, the company wrote that it experienced a data security incident on the night of November 3. An unauthorized attacker “Socially designed a customer service employee over the phone,” and was able to gain access to the company’s customer service systems.

What do they recommend to protect you from possible identity theft?

The biggest danger in a data breach of this level is that hackers use your information or sell it to others in order to commit identity theft, you ought to believe that using VPN means not tracking your PC.  An identity thief uses anyone’s personal information to commit fraud: apply for credits, file taxes, or receive medical services. Not only can being a victim of identity theft negatively affect your credit status, but it can also cost you a lot of time and money to clear your name. Even if you don’t know what your IP address is, you can hide it with VPN software. The firm has revealed in a blog post that the incident occurred on November 3 after the perpetrators called a customer service employee and tricked him with social engineering techniques to gain access to certain customer support systems. The unauthorized access allowed cybercriminals to obtain a list of email addresses of approximately 5 million customers and the full names of another group of approximately 2 million people.

Robinhood Data Affects 7 million users

For a limited number of people, about 310 in all, the compromised information included their names, date of birth and zip code. In addition, 10 clients have disclosed “more extensive account details, ” the firm said, without further explanation. Based on its investigation, Robinhood believes that no bank account details, social security numbers, or debit card numbers were exposed.

Also, as if that were not enough, to this we must add the full names of two million people belonging to another group. The most serious case, to finish the job, is that the names, dates of birth, and postal codes of 310 people were exposed; They have also revealed that ten people have seen additional details of their accounts revealed. Obviously, the company has been required to pay a ransomto retrieve the data; the requested figure, yes, has not transpired. They have not confirmed whether they have agreed to the payment. What they have done is inform the authorities to investigate the case.

Additional personal information such as names, dates of birth, and zip codes of a smaller group of customers, approximately 310, was exposed, and for 10 other customers “more extensive account details” were accessed by the intruder. The Robinhood trading platform has recognized that the data of 7 million of its users is at risk after a cyberattack managed to access their internal systems through a social engineering attack on one of their employees.