How To Transfer SMS From Samsung To PC

Do you text very often with your smartphone? We all know that text messaging is an important part of our lives and it keeps on growing as the most preferred communication method. So, let’s just assume that you love to send sweet and lovely messages to your partner every day and most of the time you don’t even delete them so that you can view them later again. But, soon enough your device will prompt you to delete some text messages as the storage space on Samsung smartphones is limited. So, what is the solution to this issue?

Basically, there are two storage units in Samsung smartphones which are internal storage and SD card. And by default, messages are stored in internal memory. So, if you don’t wish to delete the precious messages from your smartphone then you would rather transfer the messages from Samsung to PC or laptop. There’s no app available that could achieve this task but you can always take help from third party software that can transfer SMS from Samsung to PC. Here, in this article, we would like to recommend Wondershare MobileGo for your suitability.

How to Transfer SMS from Samsung to PC?

We will mention a step-by-step guide below demonstrating how to transfer SMS from Samsung phones to PC by using MobileGo. As an example, we will be using Windows version of this program but if you are using Mac, then you can download the Mac version of this program and use the same guide as mentioned below.

To transfer SMS from your Android phone to PC using MobileGo is extremely simple and will take only 1 click to export SMS to your computer from your phone.

Step 1. Connect Samsung device to PC

When you launch Wondershare MobileGo, it will ask you to connect your smartphone with a USB data cable.So go ahead and connect your Samsung to PC so that we can move forward to the next step.

Tip: You must enable USB debugging mode so that your system can recognize your device.

How to Transfer SMS from Samsung to PC

Step 2. Choose SMS to export

MobileGo will let you select the messages that you want to save to your computer so that you don’t end up saving all other useless messages that you don’t want. Kindly, select each message by click on the empty check box beside the SMS threads one by one.

Step 3. Export Messages from Samsung to PC

Click on “Save As” icon from the top bar of this program and select the format type in which you want to export your text messages. This program allows you to save messages in XML and Text format so that you can easily open them on your PC.

How to Transfer SMS from Samsung to PC

And that is the complete guide to transfer text messages from Samsung smartphone to PC. You can even use other Android smartphones to export the messages following the guide.

If you want to import any messages from your computer then click on “Import”; Select the files containing messages followed by clicking on “Import” again.

How to Transfer SMS from Samsung to PC

If you want to delete any message from your iPhone then simply choose the thread and click on“Delete” button once.

How to Transfer SMS from Samsung to PC

With MobileGo, you can easily import and export text messages from Android to PC or vice versa. Additionally, you can also read and delete messages directly from this program and if you are too lazy to check your phone then you can even send messages from your computer to anyone. This is one of the best features exclusively provided by MobileGo.

On other notes, you can even try to export messages from Samsung to Gmail account and later login to your Google account from your PC and download the list. But it is very inconvenient since it will need a Gmail account and an active Internet connection to complete the process.

MobileGo needs no additional requirement and works without the Internet. All you need is the program and your smartphone. So, what are you waiting for? Head on to the official Wondershare MobileGo page and take full advantage of this program now. If you have any questions, please do let us know by commenting down below and we will try to resolve it as soon as possible.


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